of David Sloan

Self Evaluation Via Time Travel



I woke up on the morning of Feb 4th, 2014 to find my 10-year-old self standing at the foot of my bed, pen and clipboard in hand. He was more stern than I remember being, simply motioning with his head that we should be on our way.

We spent the day together, him silently jotting notes down on his clipboard as I showed him what my life was like 22 years into his future. Barring a few bright spots, overall he seemed pretty underwhelmed. I don't remember being such a judgmental, eye-rolling little prick when I was 10. Anyway he asked me for $20 in ones for a "time travel experiment" and disappeared when I handed it to him. 

The next day I received a tattered, worn envelope in the mail. It was addressed to me, with the note "not to be delivered until Feb 5th, 2014." Very Back to the Future Part II. 

Inside, I found the following neatly-typed document.