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Why I'm Not an Artist

Because artists create for creation's sake. 
And that's not my job. Not yet. 

What I'm doing now - sharing my thoughts, for the sake of sharing them - is not my job. This is a blog. It's mine. It's free-form. And easy. There's no pressure here. No way to fail. If this ends up awesome, I look awesome. And if it's not awesome, hey it's just a blog post. Get some perspective, guys.

This is writing for writing's sake. Bloo blah. Blippity dip foo-fa. Crapsneeze. Papertoes. See? I can say whatever I want. You can't stop me. This is mine.

My job is writing ads. So what I should be doing, instead of writing a blog about what I should be doing, is writing a script. A script for a television commercial. One that captures the attention of the audience while also, obviously, reinforcing my client's brand truths and benef- REINFORCING MY CLIENT'S BRAND TRUTHS AND PRODUCT BENEFITS? Ahh yisss. The writer's dream. Eat your heart out, Ernest. 

But see? I'm complaining. And I shouldn't be.
I should be working. Because this is my job. I write for a living.
No, I don't always get to write what I want. Or about what I want. 
Not for my job anyway. 
Maybe someday, my job will be to write only the words I want. About only the things I want. 
Don't get me wrong.
I do want that.
I want it more than nearly anything. I'll keep working toward it. And I believe I'll get there someday, sooner rather than later.
In the meantime, I'll do my job. Because somebody at some point along the way decided that I write well enough to say to me: "Yes David. I will pay you American dollars for writing words. I need good words to be said about certain things. You write your good words about those things and in return I will give you dollars. Many dollars. Dollars enough to buy food. And clothes. Enough to buy a house even! And enough to pay your bills and have cable TV and Internet access and a website, on which you can complain about the nature of my generosity. All this in exchange for your words. Can you do that, David? Can you do words for me? For dollars?"

Yes. Yes I can.
I will write you words, Man With Dollars. 
And I will do it now. 
Just as soon as I post this to my blog. 

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