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This is the website page with information about OFFICE OURS on it.

Once upon a time a guy, who's brain I like a lot, put a thing on his site advertising "office hours," which meant he'd be at certain place at a certain time if you just wanted to come by and chat about ideas. I was furious...ly jealous of the idea. So I immediately stole it. 

If you don't like my Contact form, if you've got a less-than-formal idea, or if you just want to sit and talk about how good coffee is, you can find me Tuesday mornings, 8-930 AM at the sissy-sounding but ultra-dope Cocoa Cinnamon.

If possible, I'll be sitting outside at my favorite table. 

For your reference: this is Cocoa Cinnamon's location on Earth:

Just to be sure, you might want to give me a holler if you're planning on coming. So I know not to miss my own thing.

Again, it's super-easy to reach using my nifty Contact form.
(Submit even the blankest of forms and you get my phone number.)