of David Sloan

"Good is the Enemy of Great"


Good is your job.

Good gets you paid. 

Good is the thing that you hope people think you are, because you work hard enough and long enough and leave enough of your forehead blood on enough walls to make them believe it.  

Good isn't easy. Great's easy. Great happens to everyone every now and again. But if you want someone to think you're good, you actually have to BE good. At your job. At the thing you do, for money, every day.

The enemy of great?

Good isn't the enemy of anything but good enough. 

To quote Penn Jillette paraphrasing Steve Martin, "It's easy to be great. It's hard to be good."

Do we want great? Hell yes. Of course we do. We all do. We're not stupid, unambitious or lazy.

And we all know greatness can be achieved. But the thing I believe nearly anyone who's created something great, something truly remarkable will tell you is this: It was a fluke. An alignment of divine circumstance and cosmic predilection. A bolt of inspiration that struck and suddenly blasted them into greatness during the course of their daily pursuit of good. Because good, my friends, is where you're standing when great happens.

So be good. Or shut up about being great. 



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