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A super important development for us normal people

Just saw this Wired article last week:

Spike Aerospace is in the midst of building the first supersonic private jet. And when the $80 million S-512 takes off in December 2018, it won’t have something you’d find on every other passenger aircraft: windows.

The Boston-based aerospace firm is taking advantage of recent advances in video recording, live-streaming, and display technology with an interior that replaces the windows with massive, high-def screens.
— wired.com
Pictured: Finally.

Pictured: Finally.

All I've got to say is About F*****g Time. 

I hope America appreciates this milestone. I can't tell you how much it annoys me when I take my private jet somewhere and not only are we flying slower than the speed of sound (I'm not MADE of time, guys) but I'm sitting around looking out of tiny windows like some kind of caveman.

Windows? Holes in the side of a thing? That technology is like, a billion years old or something.

Look, I work hard for the simple things. Things that let an honest working stiff like me get where I want to get, when I want to get there.  Things like supersonic private jets.

And I certainly don't want to be looking through some stupid hole to see how fast I'm getting there (the answer is Mach 1.8, by the way). 

Finally I can soar through the air like a bird. Like an eagle. A bald eagle. Like an eighty million dollar supersonic bald eagle.

Just the way God, Jesus, and Abraham Washington intended.


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